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Be Well Programs

SAHMRI - Be Well Co

Be Well Programs

Working on your mental health and wellbeing not only makes you feel better but it also improves your relationships and helps you live a more fulfilling life.

Be Well Programs come in 3 different formats accessible in person or online:
Be Well Plan (5×2 hour weekly sessions)
Be Well Foundations (6 hour workshop)
Be Well Masterclasses (one hour sessions)

The Be Well Plan has been proven to be effective in three separate studies, including a ‘Randomised Control Trial’ (which is the gold-standard of testing).

Be Well Plan

Be Well Plan gives you tools to develop a personalised mental health and wellbeing strategy tailored to your psychological health profile and current life circumstances.

You walk away with a personalised plan consisting of self-selected activities from a collection of evidence-based resources to deal with stress and build wellbeing and resilience.