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Building Communities


CittaHubs are communities of people getting together to practice yoga, meditate, share gratitude and inspiring stories, and support each other in this journey called “life”.

Our first CittaHub will be meeting online at our inaugural Midweek Reset Meditation being held every Wednesday starting from 7.00am to 7.30am Adelaide time.


CittaGuides are heart-centred, generous people associated with Cittalift. They are passionate about bringing the best out of people through training programs, meditation and yoga workshops and retreats.
We love what we do and do what we love because we believe we are all connected.

CittaGuides value authenticity, community and service. We believe that awareness and taking responsibility for our own mental health and wellbeing is the first step to positive transformation.
It is our pleasure to connect you to the CittaGuides below for the relevant services that appeal to you.


Sign up as a CittaMember for free so we can notify you of CittaHubs events such as Midweek Reset Meditation, and talks by CittaGuides on various topics to lift your consciousness and improve your wellbeing.