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Help us bring "Be Well" to Nepal

Kim and Katrina Webb are on a mission to build the mental health and wellbeing of people in Nepal through Be Well

Why is this training important?

Over the past decade, Nepal has been through a very difficult time. From the 2015 earthquake, the devastation of COVID-19, and now an economic crisis, there has never been a better time for Nepalese people to build life-changing mental health, wellbeing and resilience skills.

What is Be Well?

Completely personalised, the Be Well Plan provides evidence-based mental health and wellbeing training that transform people’s lives, enabling them to flourish long-term. With transformational outcomes, the Be Well program can help participants to deal with stress, improve resilience, life satisfaction, productivity and interpersonal skills.

Developed by world leading wellbeing and mental health researchers, the Be Well Plan draws on the best available evidence from around the world, including over 400 psychological programs.

SAHMRI - Be Well Co
Donation to Nepal

Programs like this don't fund themselves!

We need your help to bring this life-changing mental health and wellbeing program to Nepal.

Any financial donation would be gratefully accepted.

A $100 donation will fund one Nepalese teacher or health care worker to complete the Be Well Program and have wellbeing and resilience skills for life!

Select amount and then click the “Donate” button for payment.


Program specifics

Proposed Training Date: January 25 to 8 February 2024

Time commitment: In person training one day per week for two weeks in Nepal. One online Masterclass per month for 3 months in 2024

Who the training is for: Nepalese health care workers and teachers

Contact Katrina or Kim to find out more:

Katrina Webb: 0411 869 392 |

Kim Seow: 0404 223 838 |