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UNQ Retreats

UNQ (unique) retreats are designed to give you an opportunity to recharge the body, clear the mind and reconnect with the real you. Immerse yourself in the most idyllic and tranquil setting with breathtaking views, aloft Mount Barker Summit. Walk away feeling centered, energised and empowered after a long weekend of nourishing food, quiet contemplation and restorative practices for the body and mind.

Upcoming Retreats

UNQ Retreat – March 2023

UNQ Retreat – October 2023

Testimonials from Previous Retreats

Oh Kim, this retreat was everything I needed and more - it couldn’t have been more perfect! I’m not sure that I could say anything more than you have already shared but it truly was an incredibly special few days and I left as a stronger and more empowered woman - and with many new friends!


The concept of the 4 Divine Abodes was exceptional and it opened up my mind to the importance of cultivating love, compassion, equanimity and joy